Earth Journalism Network

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A global community of environmental journalists

Worldwide. EJN establishes networks of environmental journalists in countries where they don't exist, and build their capacity where they do.

Collaborative. Member journalists from different locations use EJN to share information and ideas for how to add global context to their local stories.

By Journalists, for Journalists. EJN's reporter resources are created specifically to support an audience of environmental journalists.

Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists

Philippines publishes new climate change guidebook for journalists

Climate change is a complex issue and this guidebook aims to help journalists and editors, including journalism teachers and trainers, to navigate and understand scientific issues better. It hopes to provide a clear idea of the nature of climate change, what types of data and information journalists need to write or produce a story particularly on the impact of climate change on agriculture and food security, how to report climate issues effectively, and how to influence decision-making in the process, as well as generate public debate and action.