Let’s talk vaccines: An Internews online course

Several vials of Covid-19 vaccines / Photo by Braňo on Unsplash
Several vials of Covid-19 vaccines / Credit: Braňo on Unsplash.
Estimated time commitment: 7.5 hours
Certificate of completion: Yes
Language: English

Accurate, balanced reporting on vaccines is vital as countries around the world forge ahead with Covid-19 vaccine roll-out programs. A global vaccine apartheid is unfolding with surplus vaccines in some parts of the world and a slow trickle of vaccination in many other parts. There are concerns about variants and a deluge of news to digest.

To better support and equip journalists to report on vaccines now and in the future, Internews has launched Let's Talk Vaccines, a comprehensive interactive e-learning course in five modules. Journalists who take the course can expect to walk away with a sound grasp of vaccine science, as well as story ideas about the many public health and human rights aspects of access to diagnosis, treatment, immunization and recovery.

Participants will learn about various facets of the vaccine story, including:

  • vaccine science;
  • equitable access;
  • the logistics of rollout; and
  • the concerns that get in the way of confidence in vaccines.


graphic of a syringe displaying the spectrum of vaccine hesitancy
The course addresses a wide range of vaccine-related storytelling angles and approaches, including how to tackle vaccine hesitancy and promote science-backed vaccine confidence among audiences.


Let's Talk Vaccines is designed to provide journalists with helpful information on navigating vaccine terminology, tips on managing looming deadlines and fast-tracking research, and exercises to help test course knowledge and improve skills. 

Upon completion of the course, journalists will be better equipped to keep up with the fast-evolving science and complex social dimensions of the vaccine story. They will be empowered with the skills they need to produce quality vaccine journalism that addresses vaccine misinformation and answers people’s questions, while holding governments to account to ensure all people get access to a COVID-19 vaccine. Participants will also have access to a repository of resources, sources and story ideas.

In conjunction with Let’s Talk Vaccines, Internews also offers a separate complementary course called Let’s Talk COVID-19to equip journalists with the knowledge and skills they need to make their reporting on COVID-19 accessible, compelling and rich in detail.

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