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Chinese Fisheries Forum: Oceans and Fisheries Fellowships Available

Published on
23 Dec 2013
31 December 2019, 01:00 AM, BST info.ejn [at]

Building off the 2012 fellowship program to the Seafood Summit, in 2014 the Earth Journalism Network is hosting a series of programs focused on building the capacity of Chinese reporters to cover oceans and fisheries topics. 

EJN will be organizing Fellowship programs for Chinese journalists to attend Global Ocean Commission meetings and an in-depth seminar involving Chinese scientists. Both will be held in Hong Kong. This program is aimed at working with journalists who want to boost their coverage of ocean and fisheries issues. Journalists working for Chinese media in any media format (print, radio, TV or online) are welcome to apply for these fellowship, which will provide journalists with support for travel, lodging and daily expenses in Hong Kong, access to high level policy makers in attendance the commission meeting, and participation in field trips

Global Ocean Commission: The Policy and Business of the Ocean 

March 12 to 16, 2014, Hong Kong, PRC

The Global Ocean Commission was launched in February 2013 with the goal of reversing the degradation of the ocean and restoring it to full health and productivity. Its focus is on the high seas, the areas that lie outside the jurisdiction of individual governments. The high seas constitute 45% of the Earth’s surface. According to research reviewed by the Commission, this major proportion of the global ocean is under severe and increasing pressure from overfishing, damage to important habitat, climate change and ocean acidification. The Commission comprises senior political figures, business leaders and development specialists, and deliberates with a diverse group of constituencies. Its first meeting was held in March 2013 and this workshop coincides with a commission meeting featuring the new commissioner for China, Victor Chu.

Fisheries Forum: A Gathering Place for Journalists and Researchers

June 2 to 6, 2014, Hong Kong, PRC

This workshop brings together reporters and scientists focused on fisheries and ocean issues to learn from each other in a focused seminar. This approach will help enable journalists gain insights for about the drivers of fisheries depletion and sustainable policies, provide journalists with expert contacts in the field, and build a community of practice. By hosting the workshop jointly with journalists and researchers (that include policy, scientific, economic, and business experts) participation will improve communications skills between groups and promote a better understanding of how researchers can work with the media. 

How to Apply:

The application is a web-form that can be accessed using the links below. You will need to register an account on to complete the form. In the application there is the option to apply to one or both of the programs listed above.

Eligibility Criteria: If you are a Chinese journalist and interested in applying, please do so. Freelance journalists are also welcome to apply so long as they can provide the signed letter of support from an editor/producer/supervisor. Criteria for selection include the size and reach of a media organization’s audience, the quality of an applicant’s journalism work, and the demonstrated interest of an applicant in reporting on marine fisheries issues.

Required materials:

  • A copy of your CV and bio, describing your background in journalism and current media affiliation;
  • A letter of support signed by your editor/producer/supervisor acknowledging that you can participate in the Fellowship programs, that you can attend the entire program, and that your stories will be published or aired by the media organization;
  • Two samples of your journalism work.
Deadline: February, 10 2014 | 9pm Pacific Coast Time


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