Announcing our 2016 biodiversity story grant winners

Announcing our 2016 biodiversity story grant winners
Announcing our 2016 biodiversity story grant winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s biodiversity story grants, which we are making available through our Biodiversity Media Initiative in partnership with the Arcadia Fund.

136 journalists applied for the grants and our international team of judges had a tough job of selecting the winners. In the end, we chose to support the following six journalists.

  • Arati Rao will travel to the Ganges river to explore conflicts between struggling fishing communities and freshwater dolphins, whose numbers are in steep decline.
  • Guillaume Pajot will produce a series of stories highlighting how wild elephants are at risk in Myanmar, where these animals are often killed for their ivory or caught alive to entertain tourists.
  • In Lagos, Nigeria, Kolawole Talabi Is reporting on the pressures on Lekki Conservation Centre, an important area of mangrove forest that is under threat from the city’s unplanned expansion.
  • In Mexico, Iván Carrillo is investigating what hope remains for Ambystoma mexicanum, a curious species of amphibian that was sacred to the Aztecs and is now on the verge of extinction.
  • Peruvian journalist Fabiola Torres will investigate the impacts of roads and resource extraction on indigenous people and biodiversity in the country's Amazon rainforest.
  • In the Philippines, Melati Kaye is reporting about how noise pollution affects humpback whales migrating through one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Congratulations to all of the grant winners. We look forward to seeing and sharing their stories.

Read more about our biodiversity story grants and the Biodiversity Media Initiative

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