Celebrate 15 Years of EJN!

Beach frisbee in the Philippines

Celebrate 15 Years of EJN!

This year marks the 15th anniversary for Internews' Earth Journalism Network, and we're celebrating by reaching out to our partners, members and friends.

 Many of those in our network sent in video, picture and written testimonials telling us how EJN has impacted their environmental reporting and thanking us for the support we've provided them since starting in 2004. We're humbled by all the good wishes we received and grateful for the continued interest and involvement. There has probably never been a more important time for the kind of reporting we're working to make happen, and we look forward to bringing you even more resources and opportunities and continuing to grow our already vast community in the years ahead.

Banner image: A game of ultimate frisbee ensued among those who attended EJN's training of trainers in the Philippines last March  / Credit: Anh Van Le

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