EJN Fellows Get a Grant and a Comic

Team Panic comic

EJN Fellows Get a Grant and a Comic

When the reporters captured in this comic first met at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco last September, there’s no way they could have known their shared interests would bring them together half a year later as finalists for cross-border stories about the global transition to clean energy.

But in early April they were in Berlin to pitch their idea at the Global Energy Transition Journalism conference – and artist Mwelwa Musonko was watching. The illustration shows the journalists during a coffee break at the conference, which was hosted by Clean Energy Wire (CLEW), a Berlin-based media site focused on energy and climate policy.

The four journalists depicted are each from a different country: Abhaya Raj Joshi from Nepal, Amar Guriro from Pakistan, Catherine Cai from China and Karthikeyan Hemalatha from India. They eventually settled on a nickname, “Team Panic,” an amalgam of their places of origin.

Team Panic
Team Panic, from left to right: Abhaya Raj Joshi, Catherine Cai, Karthikeyan Hemalatha and Amar Guriro.

Much as they started off doing while serving as Fellows with EJN’s Climate Change Media Partnership – the opportunity that took them to San Francisco in 2018 – the four journalists shown in the comic strip are walking and brainstorming ways to better cover the environment.

During those walks, they discussed story ideas, among other things.

They finally settled on a story, which they pitched for the grant offered by Clean Energy Wire. The team’s proposal focuses on how China’s solar power policies, including the pricing of equipment and technology development, is impacting the growth of solar in India, Pakistan and Nepal. Together, they aim to draw a larger picture of clean-energy development in South Asia and tell a story about businesses that touch billions of lives, Joshi says.

The pitch eventually won them third prize and a grant of 3,000 Euro (US$3,350) for reporting.

Team Panic is currently waiting for the first installment of the grant to begin reporting. They plan to have their investigations wrapped up by November. In the meantime, they’re already drawing the attention from their peers, including Musonko.

Banner image: Credit: Mwelwa Musonko


This comic was first published here by CLEW. Mwelwa Musonko is a visiting cartoonist at the organization. A Zambian comic book artist and founder of Foresight Comics, he joined CLEW in 2018 after winning the Horst-Köhler Journalism Gran from the German International Journalists’ Programme (IJP).

You can read some of the stories produced by EJN’s 2018 Climate Change Media Partnership Fellows here.


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