EJN Launches 6 New Projects and Expands 3 Others in 2024

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EJN Launches 6 New Projects and Expands 3 Others in 2024

This year is all set to be our busiest yet, with several newly launched projects already underway. Through these undertakings, we’ll support reporting on the environmental impacts of infrastructure development and water management in Southeast Asia and green growth in Nepal, expand our support to Indigenous journalists, further our research on climate mis/disinformation in the MENA region, and much more. 

EJN Reporting Fellowships 

Four fellows – reporting on climate change, biodiversity, the ocean and One Health – will receive training and mentorship from EJN over the course of this year, deepening their expertise in their chosen track while also broadening their understanding of the other three thematic areas, and building skills in data journalism, mobile journalism, collaborative journalism and other areas. 

Strengthening Transparency in Infrastructure Development through Environmental Reporting in Southeast Asia (STRIDES)

The project will support journalists and media outlets to cover infrastructure development and its environmental impacts in Southeast Asia.

Media Action for Sustainable Infrastructure in the Philippines 

This project is aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of reporting on the societal and environmental costs of infrastructure projects in the Philippines.

Media for Inclusive Green Growth in Nepal

This project will focus on strengthening climate and environmental coverage, raising public awareness, and supporting the inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups in Nepal. 

Supporting Media Engagement on Water-Climate Issues in Lower Mekong

Through this project, we seek to equip journalists from Lower Mekong countries with the knowledge and skills to effectively monitor and report on water and climate interdependencies, while building public awareness of the importance of sustainable water management.

Filling the Gaps in US Media Coverage of Climate Change and Biodiversity

Internews’ Listening Post Collective and EJN are partnering with Lede New Orleans, to support two climate-focused cohorts of the Lede Community Reporting Fellowship, which trains BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creatives aged 18 to 25 to produce journalism with and for their communities.

Indigenous Environmental Reporting 

In 2024, we launched a comprehensive training program for selected Indigenous journalists, who will be awarded story grants, participate in a synchronous, discussion-based online course on Indigenous journalism and join a one-day virtual workshop to deepen their storytelling skills.

Supporting Fisheries Journalism in Belize 

This year, building upon our work to improve coverage of the blue economy in Belize, EJN will build the capacity of local reporters, communicators and media outlets to produce data-driven, in-depth reporting about the challenges and solutions to protect the health of the Mesoamerican Reef and local fisheries.

Studying Climate Misinformation in East Africa and MENA

Last year, we embarked on a four-month-long study to examine what journalists in East Africa understand about the term climate misinformation, how they frame climate change in their reporting, and how they report on it. In 2024, this work will be carried out in the MENA region, in partnership with the Internews MENA team. 

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Banner image: EJN's GEF Fellows and media trainers in Vancouver, Canada / Credit: EJN. 

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