Launch of New E-Learning Course on the Green Recovery and Just Transition

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Launch of New E-Learning Course on the Green Recovery and Just Transition

Amidst a looming economic recession, war in Ukraine and a Covid-19 pandemic that hasn't actually ended, it may be difficult for the public to imagine a global, environmentally focused economic recovery. But governments around the world have spent billions of US dollars on just such a thing in the wake of the pandemic, with a focus on averting the climate crisis. Suffice it to say, it's important journalists report on the subject.

On October 19, EJN officially launched its course on the green recovery and just transition for journalists, “Newly Green.” The green recovery is the name given to a series of economic recovery measures aligned with achieving long-term climate change and sustainability objectives in the wake of the pandemic. Just transition is a framework that includes a range of social interventions needed to improve labor rights and livelihoods as economies shift to more sustainable production in response to the climate and biodiversity crises.

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These are very complex topics, and EJN’s expectation is that “Newly Green” can help journalists tell stories that unpack it all without getting lost in the jargon or volatile global economic news of the day.

The course itself is split up into three different modules including an introduction to concepts, current events and policies related to the green recovery and just transition and tools and framework that might be useful to journalists covering these subjects. It assumes no background in economics or science and should take the learner roughly four hours to complete. Along with its dynamic content, including videos, exercises and quizzes, the course is self-paced and should be appealing to learners all over the world.

“When you read the headlines these days, it’s often hard to imagine people have ‘green recovery’ on the mind, but this course will help journalists understand ways of reporting on a lot of policies and news that has already happened,” said Special Project Editor Sam Schramski. “Also, the course will help prepare journalists for their reporting on a possible worldwide economic recession, food and fuel price increases, the war in Ukraine and more.”

This online course is made possible with the generous support of Svenska Postkodstiftelsen (the Swedish Postcode Foundation). Register here.

Illustration credit: Oksana Drachkovska.

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