Live from Glasgow: EJN Daily Broadcasts Analyze Key Priorities of COP26

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Live from Glasgow: EJN Daily Broadcasts Analyze Key Priorities of COP26

The annual Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) program, this year jointly organized by Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN) and the Stanley Center for Peace and Security, brought 22 journalists to Glasgow to cover the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).  

CCMP organizers believe that it is critical for journalists from low- and middle-income countries to have the opportunity to report live from COP26, which represented a pivotal moment in the global fight to combat climate change. With the extra challenges posed by Covid-related travel restrictions this year, it was more difficult than ever for them to attend and cover the conference. To support journalists who weren’t able to report directly from COP26, this year’s CCMP added a virtual Daily Broadcast — hosted by Internews’ Malaysia Project Director, Nadiah Rosli — to its usual in-person fellowship program. 

From November 8-13, CCMP hosted these daily broadcasts for half an hour, focusing on different themes each day. The Daily Broadcast generally featured CCMP’s trainers and fellows as well an external expert.  

  • Day 1: The theme of the first broadcast was loss and damage. The speakers were James Fahn, Global Director of Internews' Environmental Programs and the Executive Director of Internews' Earth Journalism Network; Rishika Pardikar, a freelance journalist reporting for The Wire (India); and Dr. Saleemul Huq, Senior associate, Climate Change, International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) in Bangladesh. Watch the full recording here..  

  • Day 2: In our second daily broadcast live from Glasgow, centered on renewable energy, green technology and innovation, host Nadiah Rosli was joined by CCMP trainer and Argentinian climate journalist Fermin Koop; CCMP Reporting Fellow and Nigerian business journalist Isaac Anyaogu; and Kelly Sims Gallagher, Professor of Energy and Environmental Policy at Tufts University's Fletcher School. Watch the full recording here

  • Day 3: The theme of the third broadcast was climate change and health. The speakers were Joydeep Gupta, an award-winning environmental journalist, EJN’s India manager, and director of the Third Pole Project; Disha Shetty, Journalist with Health Policy Watch India; and Antonella Risso, International Climate Technical & Research Manager, Health care Without Harm, who coordinates the organization's Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network. Watch the full recording here.  

  • Day 4: The fourth broadcast focused on linking local action to global policies and commitments. The speakers were: Imelda Abaño, EJN’s Philippines & Pacific Coordinator and CCMP trainer; Elfreda Kevin-Alerechi, Investigative Journalist from Peoples Gazette, Nigeria; and Jonathan Lynn, Head Communications and Media Relations, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Watch the full recording here.  

  • Day 5Gender and climate justice was the theme of our penultimate daily broadcast live from Glasgow. Host Nadiah Rosli was joined by CCMP trainer and Zambian journalist Mildred Mulenga, CCMP Reporting Fellow and Colombian environmental journalist María Mónica Monsalve, and Bolivian delegate Christian Villareal, whose work focuses on adaptation and loss and damage. Monsalve, covering her first COP, said it is crucial that women's perspectives are represented in high-level discussions, and for journalists to ensure climate finance reaches women in vulnerable countries and to write about gender-responsive solutions. "This is not only because women are more vulnerable to climate change but also because they sometimes have better solutions and ideas to address this crisis," she pointed out. Watch the full recording here.  

  • Day 6: In our final broadcast live from Glasgow, we considered: Will COP26 be considered a success? Host Nadiah Rosli was in conversation with CCMP Reporting Fellows Baktygul (Betty) Chynybaeva from Kyrgyzstan and Patricia (Pia) Marie Robles from the Philippines. Dr George Carter, Pacific researcher at the Australian National University, joined virtually. Carter urged journalists to continue highlighting climate resilience and solutions that emerge from the Global South, where communities are demonstrating enormous resolve and innovation as they continuously adapt on the frontlines of the climate crisis. In conclusion, he reiterated that local media coverage of environment and climate remains key, so that communities in the Pacific and beyond understand what their leaders and negotiators are doing -- not from mainstream Western media, but from local outlets reporting in local languages. Watch the full recording here.  

Amy and Nadiah
Internews’ Senior Asia Program Manager Amy Sim and Internews’ Malaysia Project Director Nadiah Rosli at the CCMP broadcast studio / Credit: Imelda Abano.

Banner image: Elfredah Kevin-Alerechi, Jonathan Lynn, Imelda Abano and Nadiah Rosli after the broadcast on 11 November, 2021 / Credit: Amy Sim. 

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