Thirteen Journalists Awarded Story Grants to Report on Renewable Energy in India

laborers carrying stones with a wind turbine and truck in the background

Thirteen Journalists Awarded Story Grants to Report on Renewable Energy in India

India is now the world's third largest user of renewable energy, with the world's most ambitious renewable energy development goals, which it is struggling to meet.   

With the Renewable Energy (RE) project in India, EJN aims to improve media coverage of RE issues in the key states of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka so that these challenges are debated openly, and policymakers can take corrective action. Since 2020, EJN has supported 29 journalists with story grants and reached many more through seven webinars, with generous funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, under the Renewable Energy project. 

As part of this grant round, journalists will produce stories with a focus on renewable energy sources beyond solar, and initiatives to ensure the equitable access to and uptake of renewable energy among marginalized communities.  “It is important to look at pitfalls as well as progress as India moves to generate half its energy from non-fossil fuels by 2030. Constructive reportage on the pitfalls can enable course corrections by policymakers and help avoid the mistakes of previous development models. That is why the grassroots reportage these reports will provide on how India is rolling out its renewable energy plans is so crucial” said Joydeep Gupta, EJN India Project Manager. 

These are the journalists awarded story grants:

  • Rahul Singh, 101 Reporters 
  • Varsha Torgalkar, The Wire 
  • Manish Kumar, Mongabay 
  • Jisha Elizabeth, Madhyamam 
  • Tarushi Aswani, Article 14  
  • M Ramesh, Business Line   
  • Gowthami Subramaniam, 101 Reporters 
  • Pragathi Ravi, Citizen Matters 
  • Deepanwita Niyogi, 101 Reporters 
  • Laasya Shekhar, Down to Earth 
  • Gargi Verma, Wire Science 
  • Jency Samuel, Village Square 
  • Dola Mitra, Outlook Group  

With the help of EJN mentors, these journalists will produce in-depth and solutions-focused stories on prospects and potential challenges of the RE sector beyond solar. The selected journalists will report on infrastructure for electric vehicles, waste to energy plants, effects of just transition on coal mine workers, tidal energy in Sundarbans, impact of offshore wind project on biodiversity and local communities, and benefits of solar pumps for farmers.  

Look out for their stories on the EJN website in the coming months.

Banner image: A laborer is seen working at a diesel-powered crusher in front of a wind turbine. Credit: Land Rover Our Planet via Flickr

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