Climate Journalism Mentors

Climate Journalism Mentors

Climate Journalism Mentors


Some of the developing world’s most experienced reporters on climate change are now working as mentors to junior reporters, to advance the quality of climate change reporting and amplify the voices of those most affected.

The initiative, which started in June, is part of EJN’s Human Dimension of Climate Change project, launched with the support of the Oak Foundation. The mentors work with journalists who are new to covering climate issues, as well as with experienced professionals who are working on in-depth coverage and investigations, to bring climate change issues to the forefront of news coverage in the most vulnerable communities.

Mentors hold weekly conversations with their protégés, working as editors and advisors to craft and review story ideas and reporting techniques. They have choosen between two to six journalists that will be couched on how to improve their reporting on the impacts of their climate change.

For this first year, we are working with 10 mentors covering all continents; their goal is to produce articles or innovative projects that increase the reach of the human dimensions of climate change.

Also, as part of the activities, a series of webinars are being organized regionally by each one of the mentors. The virtual events are conduced in the local languages and will focus on preparing journalists about the climate change summits and also presenting different perspectives of experts on issues such as mitigation, adaptation, renewable energies, forests among others

Mentorship by country and region

Philipinnes, Congo Basin, Nepal, Brazil, India,  Pacific Islands, Central America - Caribe, Mediterranean North Africa, Nigeria, Colombia

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