COP19 Climate News Mosaic

COP19 Climate News Mosaic
COP19 Climate News Mosaic
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For  extended coverage of COP19, click here. See below for stories, videos, images, and tweets from previous days.

The Climate News Mosaic project is a international, collaborative live-blog created by a group of journalists who will report on the UN Climate Change Conference (COP19) in Warsaw, Poland from November 11-22, 2013  from around the globe.

Each day, a new live blog is published to give readers and other news outlets access to a running account of what is happening at COP19 with a unique emphasis on local perspectives from around the globe.

The Climate News Mosaic is being moderated by three journalists working on the ground in Warsaw.  All the contributors to CNM update the blog with snippets of interviews, photos, statements, and any sort of information they will gather for their own articles, radio, or TV pieces.

Anyone following the CNM live-blog will be able to access, for free and from their own desk, a continuous flow of content coming from all corners of the world.

Who will be reporting for Climate News Mosaic? 

Created by a collaborative network of  journalists – based in Costa Rica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Mali, and other locations – the Climate News Mosaic combines and compliments individual reports being generated at the negotiations. A current roster with biographies can been seen here.

Who is using Climate News Mosaic?

We encourage other media outlets to pick up this reporting, in part or in full, by using the embed code provided by SourceFabric. The following media houses have already partnered with the Climate News Mosaic by publishing the live blogs on their sites.


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How was the Climate News Mosaic funded?  

The COP19 Climate News Mosaic was created with crowd funding. In total 119 people put in the money to make this happen. A big thank you to everyone who chipped in.  Details from the campaign can be found at the CNM's indiegogo page.  

Technology for this project was generously donated by SourceFabric

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