InfoCongo is Earth Journalism Network's GeoJournalism platform based in Central Africa. Launched in August 2015, the site identifies local and international reporters dedicated to covering environmental issues in the region. Its main focus is to show the impacts of environmental change on human lives and ecosystems and it does so by prioritizing stories about forests, water, climate change, wildlife, extractive industries, conflicts and crimes. InfoCongo uses data and interactive maps to tell stories and capture ongoing positive and negative changes in the Congo Basin.

As the second largest rain forest in the world after the Amazon, the Congo Basin faces myriad challenges ranging from deforestation to illegal logging to wildlife trafficking to climate change. Building on excellent reportage by local media, development organizations and the network approach to journalism by Internews’ Earth Journalism Network, InfoCongo has the unique ability to provide broader regional and global visibility to stories on the Congo Basin.

The data and interactive maps on the InfoCongo website are updated regularly, available for free and can be downloaded anytime. The overarching goal of combining interactive maps with compelling stories is to further raise awareness and improve public perception of environmental issues in the Congo Basin.


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