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Batanes Islands in the Philippines
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Mongabay Environews Philippines is an environment news and features website that produces high-quality, original reports from nature’s frontlines in the Philippines.

The site is a Philippine-specific arm of the global news platform Mongabay that follows the format of Mongabay’s dedicated regional outlets in India, Indonesia, and Latin America but is staffed and supported through a partnership with Philippine EnviroNews and Internews’ Earth Journalism Network.

The Philippines’ vast forest reserves and more than 36,000 kilometers of coastline harbor more than 50,000 species. Its location at the apex of the Coral Triangle, home to more than 500 species of reef-building corals, also makes Philippines a global center of marine biodiversity.

Yet rapid urbanization, the transformation of forest reserves to agricultural land and the development of mining operations in protected areas pose new threats to the country’s natural resources and biological diversity and have displaced or threatened indigenous communities. The illegal wildlife trade is now considered the biggest challenge to conservation alongside poaching, deforestation and wildlife habitat destruction.

Mongabay Environews Philippines will focus on bringing readers stories about the people, communities, flora and fauna in the Philippines’ nearly 250 protected areas and inland wetlands.

The articles on the site are produced under a Creative Commons license that allows other outlets to use the content, commercially or non-commercially, at no cost. As the site grows it will eventually bring in more GeoJournalism components, including data visualizations and mapping.


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