Learning about zoonotic diseases and how to cover them


Learning about zoonotic diseases and how to cover them

The spillover of dangerous pathogens from animals to humans has become a hot topic over the last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How can journalists do a better job of covering this issue? What do they need to know about the science of zoonotic diseases and how people should manage interactions with wildlife and ecosystems? What are some innovative new story topics?

Please join Internews’ Earth Journalism Network for this special pre-Earth Day webinar, learn about the new online course we’re launching especially for journalists, and hear from some experts in the field of One Health about how to cover this under-reported topic.


  • Dr. Dennis Carroll - Chair, Leadership Board, Global Virome Project, Initiatives to Intercept Pandemics Through Genomics
  • Robert Kessler - Communications Manager, EcoHealth Alliance
  • Amy Sim - Senior Asia Program Manager, Earth Journalism Network



  • Stella Paul - Project Officer for Environment and Health, Earth Journalism Network


The webinar will take place on Tuesday, April 20 at: 9am DC / 11am Mexico City / 2pm London / 4pm Nairobi / 6:30pm New Delhi / 8pm Bangkok.

Register here.

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