Women Experts

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Women Experts

Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN) conducted a research study Where are the Women? found that when journalists continue to use male-dominated source lists instead of actively looking for women. This results in the underrepresentation and their invisibility of women in the field of Environment. 

EJN is contributing in this collective effort to address under-representation of women by preparing a source list of women environment experts in the field of conservation, sustainability, mangrove protection that you can use so that together we can contribute to the visibility of women experts in this field. Here are the profiles and list of women experts from:


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Please email [email protected] for additional contact details of the women environment experts.



Women expert
Ma. Laurice Jamero, PhD
Climate change, resilience, adaptation, disaster risk management, sustainability, local planning, science communication, sea-level rise, small islands
Ma. Laurice Jamero is the Resilience Coordinator of Klima Laboratory at the Manila Observatory. She works closely with local governments across the Philippines to support their climate and disaster risk management and adaptation efforts, as well as supports policy-related work relevant to international climate negotiations. She is a chapter scientist and contributing author of the Atlas Chapter of the 6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – Working Group I, Future Earth Coasts Fellow, Asia Foundation Development Fellow, and a working group member of the Southeast Asia Science Advisory Network.
Women expert
Sarah Queblatin


Design for Resilience and Regeneration
I am a regenerative design strategist facilitating inclusive ecosystem leadership. I am passionate about transforming the narrative of Disaster Risk Reduction or DRR, into that of Designing for Resilience and Regeneration for communities affected by disasters, displacement, and unsustainable development. I weave collective experiences in peace building, cultural heritage conservation, environmental education, and humanitarian assistance for more than 15 years.

Pura Vita Guia Pedrosa 


Environmental Specialist
Over twenty five (25) years of experience as Safeguards Specialist 
Freelance environmental safeguards consultant since 2013 for various organizations including ADB & Worldbank with recent technical assistance engagement at the Philippine’s PPP Center under ADB TA-7796 (2017-2022) for capacity building and improvement of environmental and social safeguards systems
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reviewer (registered-RCO-037) for the Philippine Government’s Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), also providing assistance in related capacity building and policy updating/enhancement activities
Director, Philippine Center for Environment, Climate Studies and Sustainable Development (PCE-CSSD), Inc.
Nineteen (19) years with the Philippine Government’s EMB where she facilitated significant developments in EIA policies, procedures and management systems including the integration of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
Author, Environmental Management in the Philippines. 2016. ISBN 978-971-93622-4-1

Nella Lomotanz
Nella Lomotanz
Co-founder and managing director, Eco-explorations, Philippine biodiversity
Nella Lomotan has been nominated for the Favorite Landscape Hero Audience Favorite award of the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF). Lomotan, of the environmental travel organization Eco Explorations, was named as one of the 24 nominees of the 2020 edition of the GLF recognition. 
Hazel Arandes
Hazel Arandez Tanchuling


Development Professional
I have more than 20 years of development experience in the sectors of agriculture policy work, governance, public finance advocacies, community development, sustainable livelihoods, disaster risk reduction and climate change work. Competencies developed over the same period include policy analysis, policy advocacy, research, training, lobbying, project management, networking and community organizing. climate change adaptation

Nikki Lizares
Nikki Lizares



Environmental Scientist | Conservationist | Climate and Sustainability Adviser | Science Communication | Writer | Speaker | Youth Mentor
[email protected]
Environmental scientist, conservationist, and educator with more than 15 years of experience in corporate sustainability. I specialize in sustainability strategy, change management, governance, and communication. 
I currently work with leaders in the business and finance sectors to articulate sustainability strategy, align business with the Sustainable Development Goals, and take action to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. 

Dr. Mylene G. Cayetano


Professor of Environmental Science and Meteorology, UP Scientist and Expert in Air Quality Research
[email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]
Mylene is a tenured Professor at the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology, College of Science University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. She is also the Head of the Environmental Pollution Studies Laboratory in the same Uni. Her work experience covers programs conducted in partnership with the World Health Organization, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, U.S. Environment Protection Agency, the Asian Development Bank, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)- Environmental Management Bureau and the National Institute for Environmental Research, in South Korea, among other partner organizations.
Mylene has over 20 years experience in the environment sector, having contributed her technical expertise in air quality research and monitoring through her chemistry and environmental science background. Her primary professional goal is to integrate scientific understandings on air quality into academic curriculum and research thrust in the Philippine universities and institutes, as well as into policies.
Mylene has a doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering (Air Quality) from the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), South Korea. She holds a Masters in Environmental Science (Water and Air Quality) from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, and a Bachelors in Chemistry, also from UP Diliman. She has authored and co-authored for various scientific journals, studies and publications on air quality research and management
Analiza Rebuelta-Teh
Analiza Rebuelta-Teh



Government employee at department of environment and natural resources
Atty. Analiza Rebuelta-Teh is currently the DENR Undersecretary for Finance, Information Systems and Climate Change. She finished her Bachelor of Laws at the University of the Philippines (UP) and became a member of the bar in 1998. She was  recognized as one of the UP College of Law Alumni for Public Service.
After law school, she joined the DENR as Attorney III.  Her government service as a lawyer included serving as Executive Director for the Adjudication Board of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DARAB) and Director for Legal Services of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC). She served as DENR Assistant Secretary for Legal Services from 2005 to 2011 and as DENR Undersecretary and Chief of Staff from 2011 to 2016.

Elenida basug
Ms. Elenida Basug



Director of the DENR Climate Change Service, and the concurrent Director of the Gender and Development Office. 
She had been with the country’s environmental agency for close to 38 years now. She is also part of the Philippine Focal Points for the ASEAN Working Groups on Climate Change.
She supervises the DENR Secretariat to the Cabinet Cluster on Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction and the Task Force Build Back Better. 
She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Education from the College of Education of the UP Diliman. She also pursued graduate program in Environmental Studies at the UPLB. Her UPLB undergraduate course was  Bachelor of Science in Biology (major in Ecology).
Email: [email protected]

Arcelli Tungol
Arceli Tungol


Founder, Phillippine Native Tree Enthusiasts
Ms. Arceli “Cel” Tungol is the founder of the Philippine Native Tree Enthusiast in 2013 and a former Trustee of the Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society, an NGO founded by Leonard Co, the premier botanist.
Through her hobby in photography and  as a passionate native tree advocate, she is able to create awareness of our Philippine native trees through her photographs.  She was the lead photographer for Philippine Native Trees book series from 101 to 303 and another volume will be coming soon. She is also a co-author of the book, Manual on Nursery and Outplanting of Beach Forest Tree Species.
Ms. Cel is a graduate of the University of the Philippines in Diliman and has a certificate on Community and Stakeholder Engagement in the Conservation, Restoration and Management of Topical Forest Landscape in Environmental Leadership Training Institute, Yale University. 

Contact through: Foundation for the Philippine Environment
77 Matahimik Street, Teacher's Village, Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Philippines Telephone: +63(2)89279403 / 8928-8353 / 7794-5461
Fax: +63 (2) 9223022
E-mail: [email protected]

Jurgenne Primavera
Dr. Jurgenne Primavera



Chief Mangrove Scientific Advisor of the Zoological Society of London [email protected]
Jurgenne Primavera has BS Zoology, PhD Marine Science (University of the Philippines Diliman) and MA Zoology (Indiana University) degrees. She has around 130 scientific papers, reviews, manuals, books and other publications and serves as board member and scientific adviser of various organizations. Among her recent activities are leading a survey team that assessed post-Haiyan mangrove damage and recovery in Eastern Samar-Leyte; lead authoring two manuals on mangrove rehabilitation and pond-mangrove reversion.

She was elected to the Swedish Royal Academy on Agriculture and Forestry, Royal Belgian Academy for Overseas Sciences, Phi Kappa Phi, and other honor societies. She was named Scientist Emerita of SEAFDEC/AQD upon retirement in 2007, one of 30 Time Magazine Heroes of the Environment and 50 DOST Men and Women of Science in 2008, and a University of the Philippines Distinguished Alumni Awardee in Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development in 2009. Presently she is Chief Mangrove Scientific Advisor of the Zoological Society of London and Co-Chair of the recently established Mangrove Specialist Group of the IUCN.

Jenica Dizon
Jenica Dizon


Country Director of Waves for water, WASH expert
As the current Country Director for Waves for Water, Jenica is in the frontlines in disaster response during typhoons in the Philippines. Waves for Water provides access to potable water through the use of simple and safe water filtering mechanisms. She is an expert on water and sanitation.
Beau Baconguis
Beau Baconguis
Campaigner at Greenpeace Southeast Asia
A environmental campaigner running public campaigns. Worked with communities, gave public speeches, organized direct actions, media interviews and lobbied Congress for policies.



Women expert
Andhyta Firselly Utami


Environmental Economist at World Bank 
Andhyta Firselly Utami is an Environmental Economist and Green Economy Activist. She is also known as a Green-economy influencer and speaker, and has spoken at various events and conferences. As an Environmental Economist at the World Bank, Andhyta promotes sustainable development by providing policy advice and technical assistance to governments, organizations, and communities worldwide. Andhyta is also a vocal advocate for the green economy, which aims to promote economic growth while reducing the environmental impact of economic activities.

Women expert
April Sirait


Executive Director of EcoNusa Foundation
April Sirait is a prominent environmentalist and the Executive Director of EcoNusa Foundation, an organization focused on promoting conservation and sustainable management of Indonesia's natural resources, particularly in the eastern part of the country. With a background in environmental science, April has spent over a decade working on environmental conservation, biodiversity, and sustainable development issues. She has worked with various organizations in Indonesia and internationally, including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), where she served as an Environmental Specialist.

Esther Tamara
Esther N S Tamara


Executive Director of the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI)    
Esther N S Tamara is a prominent figure in the field of international relations and diplomacy in Indonesia, and is known for her work as the Executive Director of the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI). She is a climate activist and advocate. 

Nashin Mahtani


Co-founder of Petabencana.id
Nashin Mahtani is a social entrepreneur and the co-founder of Petabencana.id, a disaster mapping platform that uses social media data to provide real-time information on natural disasters in Indonesia. Petabencana.id uses social media data and community engagement to provide real-time information on natural disasters, including floods, landslides, and earthquakes, and to support disaster response and recovery efforts. Nashin is also a vocal advocate for the use of technology and social innovation in addressing social and environmental challenges.

Frisca Tobing
Frisca Tobing


Environmental Researcher
Frisca Tobing is an Indonesian environmental researcher who has dedicated her career to understanding the complex relationship between human activities and the environment. She is known for her expertise in environmental impact assessments, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development. She has also worked with various research institutions and NGOs in Indonesia, including the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). Tobing is also an active member of the Indonesian environmental community and has been involved in various environmental advocacy and education initiatives. She is committed to raising awareness about environmental issues in Indonesia and promoting sustainable practices among local communities and policymakers.

Raihal Fajri
Raihal Fajri


Executive Director at Katahati Institute 
Raihal Fajri is currently the Executive Director of the Katahati Institute. She was alumnus of the 2019 Australia-ASEAN Women in constitution-building Capacity Development Program at Melbourne Law School, Australia. Raihal first became involved in community service and environmental justice work when she observed the pollution, deterioration of water quality, and environmental damage caused by a local cement factory, which inspired her and her friends to fight for their right to have a healthier environment to live in. Raihal saw that women and children were the most impacted by this pollution and inspired her community to engage with the cement factory leadership, government, and the media about the issue.

Prawita Tasya Karissa

CEO of Bio-Rock Indonesia 
Prawita is the Director of Bio-Rock Indonesia, a non-profit organization that works to restore coral reefs using a technology called bio-rock. Prawita's work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Kalpataru Award from the Indonesian government, the Whitley Award from the Whitley Fund for Nature, and the Rolex Award for Enterprise. She is also a TED Fellow and a member of the Ashoka Fellowship, a global network of leading social entrepreneurs.
Thilma K
Thilma Komaling
Strategic Lead for The Indonesian Tuna Consortium    
Thilma created the first-ever Smart Citizen Day on March 28th in Jakarta which she did by leading a group of 35 young environmental activists representing 34 provinces in Indonesia to highlight public participation in conservation and advocacy. For the last 3 years, she has been establishing a women-leadership training program and was also a SEED Adviser to promote eco-inclusive entrepreneurship.
Lia Putrinda
Lia Putrinda


Forest Conservationist of CMC Tiga Warna 
Lia Putrinda Anggawa Mukti has been working to conserve the Clungup Mangroves Area since she was 12 years old. Lia and her father collaborated to build the Bhakti Alam Sendang Biru Foundation which manages mangroves, as well as a coral conservation area called Clungup Mangrove Conservation Tiga Warna (CMC Tiga Warna). The Bhakti Alam Sendang Biru foundation employs 109 locals, 80% of whom were forest encroachers, but are now ecotourism guides. Lia now works as a trustee and leader of the CMC Tiga Warna's management team. Lia has worked as treasurer for the East Java Ecotourism Forum (EJEF) since 2017. She has also worked as an ecotourism guide assessor since 2016 for Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP).

Farwiza Farhan


Founder of HAKA Sumatera  
Farwiza Farhan is an Indonesian environmental activist and the founder of the Forest, Nature, and Environment of Aceh (HAkA), a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works to protect the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia. She has been instrumental in advocating for the preservation of the Leuser Ecosystem, which is one of the last remaining intact rainforests in Southeast Asia. Farwiza is also a member of the board of directors of the Leuser Conservation Forum (FKL), a coalition of NGOs and community groups working to protect the Leuser Ecosystem.


Andayani Oerta Ginting
Program Coordinator of Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program   
Andayani Oerta Ginting is a Biodiversity Conservation scientist who has been working as Program Coordinator of Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program. Beside her activism for orangutan conservation, Ginting is also an activist and advocate for eco-tourism. 
Indira Nurul Qomariah
Scientist at Centre for Orangutan Protection   
Indira has been involved in wildlife conservation since 2014. She has lived in Java, Sumatera, Borneo, and Sulawesi to conduct research, forest patrol, rescue, rehabilitation, and release of Indonesian wildlife. She mostly works with endemic, endangered, and protected animals. As a member of COP, Indira has been involved in a wide range of conservation programs and initiatives. She has worked to protect orangutan habitat through forest restoration programs, and has conducted research on orangutan behavior and ecology to better understand the species' needs and how best to protect them.
Saur Marlina Manurung


Director of Sokola Institute
Saur Marlina “Butet” Manurung is a prominent educator, social activist, and founder of the Sokola Institute in Indonesia. She has dedicated her life to promoting education and empowerment among indigenous communities, particularly those living in remote areas of Indonesia. As founder of the Sokola Institute, Butet has been instrumental in developing and implementing educational programs that focus on indigenous knowledge, environmental sustainability, and community development. Butet's work with the Sokola Institute has been widely recognized and has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Rolex Awards for Enterprise. She is also a TED Fellow and has been named one of Asia's Heroes by Time Magazine.

Mai Jebing
Mai Jebing
Eco-feminism researcher and activist    
Mai Jebing is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Passau. She has been active as a researcher and activist covering the issues of ethnicity, mining, and gender. Mai Jebing is an active advocate for the environment and sustainability.
Mia Siscawati
Mia Siscawati
Lecturer at University of Indonesia   
Mia Siscawati is a researcher and lecturer at University of Indonesia. She was an Ashoka Fellow and has been active in the environmental, gender, and sustainability activism and advocation. Her area of expertise includes gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, as well as peace, justice, and strong institutions. 
Laksmi Adriani Savitri


Agrarian policy and anthropology lecturer and researcher    
Savitri is a scholar-activist working on community empowerment in natural resource management since 1997, concentrating on agrarian, gender and land issues studies since 2003. For the last four years, she has been teaching agrarian policy in Regional Planning Graduate Program of Bogor University of Agriculture (IPB), also Department of Anthropology of Gadjah Mada University. Laksmi is also an associate scholar of National Land Institute (STPN).

Wulan Pusparini
Wulan Pusparini



Conservation scientist at Wildlife Conservation Research Unit and Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science  
Experienced Senior Conservation Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in a non-profit conservation organization. Skilled in Ecology Modeling, Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, Environmental Awareness, and Natural Resource Management. Strong quantitative ecologist professional with a Master's Degree focused in Environmental Conservation from UMass, Amherst. Currently a DPhil Research student at the University of Oxford.

Nurul Winarni
Nurul L. Winarni



Researcher and lecturer for Research Center for Climate Change Universitas Indonesia (RCCC-UI)      
Winarni finished her Ph.D. from Manchester Metropolitan University, her studies mainly focused on bird population dynamics, community ecology on birds and butterflies particularly on the effect of anthropogenic disturbance to bird and butterfly community, as well as evaluating the use of birds and butterflies as species indicator of disturbance. She is also interested in biodiversity monitoring and survey methodology, research design and analysis. n the context of climate change, she has been studying the impact of climate change to phenological patterns of tropical rainforest trees and the response of biodiversity to climate change.

Erma yulihastin
Erma Yulihastin



Research Scientist (Research Professor) at the Research Center for Climate and Atmosphere, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) 
Yulihastin is a Research Scientist (Research Professor) at the Research Center for Climate and Atmosphere, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). Her research interests include Atmosphere phenomena: Monsoon, El Nino-La Nina, IOD, MJO, cold surge, Climate change, Satellite Observation, Climate Model, Data Analysis, and Weather and Climate Hazard: typhoons, floods. 

Dyna Rochmyaningsih
Dyna Rochmyaningsih


Executive Director of Society of Indonesia Science Journalist 
Dyna Rochmyaningsih is a freelance journalist whose works have appeared in Science magazine, nature, and BBC Future. She has written stories on health, the environment, technology, and science policy in Indonesia. She is an alumna of SjCOOP Asia, a science journalism program organized by the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ).




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