Data reliability is a major challenge because of the lack of data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery and the Ministry of the Environment in Cambodia. Tree cover loss data sourced from Global Forest Watch was used to analyze Forest loss in Cambodia, carbon emission as a result of biomass loss and Forest loss within the Wildlife Sanctuary where the boundary data was sourced from Open Development Cambodia (ODC). Data on Land Concessions was sourced from, Cambodia’s Concession, by Cambodia league for the promotion and defense of human rights (Licadho). GDP data from the World Bank Open Data portal was used to analyze Cambodia GDP growth and the contribution from agriculture, forest and fishery. Data on rubber exports was collected from the UN Comtrade Database. Data of total registration of collective land titles of the indigenous community was collected from The National Report on Socio-Economic-Situation of Indigenous peoples in Cambodia issued in 2021. Data analysis was done using Google Sheets and can be accessed here.