An Oil Spill and Its Aftermath Along Brazil's Coast, as Told by an Artisanal Fisherwoman

praia de fortim

An Oil Spill and Its Aftermath Along Brazil's Coast, as Told by an Artisanal Fisherwoman

This episode below is the second in Cirandeiras podcast's "Oceans" season, which highlights the often silenced voices of women affected by major development projects.
The season proposes a debate about the abusive action of transnational companies, and also of governments, in their violation of human, environmental and civil rights. Each of the three episodes contextualize the socio-environmental impacts of industrial, petrochemical and mining activities in the oceans, based on the testimony of three artisanal fisherwomen.

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Episode #3: "Oil Spill" with Maria Eliene Pereira

In this episode, we are introduced to Maria Eliene Pereira do Vale is a fisherwoman and activist from the community of Jardim, in the municipality of Fortim, Ceará. She is a participant in the National Network of Fishers and Artisanal Fishers. She learned how to fish and collect crabs with her family and began to fight for artisanal fishers’ interests starting with initiatives organized by the Catholic Church. She also gained experience working alongside women from other social movements.

In this third episode of the “Oceans Season” of the Cirandeiras Podcast, we invited “Maninha,” as she likes to be called, to speak with us about the consequences of a major oil spill along Brazil’s Northeast coast. The incident took place almost three years ago now, but the impacts are still visible and indeed felt by traditional fishing communities daily.

The ocean may be the actual “lungs of the planet” and have been suffering greatly in recent times. Large infrastructure development projects planned under the guise of progress and a clean energy future are one of the threats to marine and coastal ecosystems. Maninha and other residents of Jardim and similar communities have been calling for our attention to the need for conservation of these precious resources.

Maria Eliene Pereira / Credit: Cirandeiras Podcast.

This podcast episode was produced with support from Internews' Earth Journalism Network and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch). It was originally aired on June 15, 2022. 

Banner image: Praia de Fortim, polluted by an oil spill, Ceará, Brazil / Credit: Cirandeiras Podcast.

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