Bangladesh stands for post-2020 carbon trading

Dr. Munjurul Hannan Khan, one of the negotiators for Bangladesh at the United Nations climate change talks taking place this week in Madrid, said that his country will stand up for the ongoing discussion on post-2020 carbon trading.

Because Bangladesh has already invested a lot in working to reduce emissions of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases through low-carbon technology and afforestation, the country wants to reap the benefits of those investments in the future, he explained. In the current scenario, countries like Brazil, China and India have already created a huge bank of certified emissions reductions (or CERs), meaning that if the current carbon credit scheme would count these CERs, these countries would take the benefits.

That's why, our demand is to count all the CERs that will be taken after 2020, Dr. Khan said. Watch his live interview in Bengali with CCMP Fellow GM Mostafizul Alam below.

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