Conservation hero urges graduates to look beyond

Conservation hero urges graduates to look beyond
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Conservation hero urges graduates to look beyond

CONSERVATION hero, Mr David Boseto encourages environmental science and science graduates to think outside of the box and look beyond their comfort zones.

He was recognised as one of 15 Hotspots Heroes by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) for conservation work on biodiversity hotspots around the world.

“If they cannot find any form of employment then they can be always have a place that they can be very useful with their education. One does not need money to start a small initiative to conserve their forest, rivers or marine environment. He or she only needs a will power and passion to look after his or her surroundings.”

Mr Boseto noted a good example of two individuals with their passion and love for environment are Felix Naitoro and Ben Namo of Waihau Conservation in South Are’are that started their initiative with zero cents but are very successful.

‘The whole idea is for new science graduates to think out of the box and look for opportunities that they can build new initiatives.

“Furthermore, I would like to encourage all our current community based organizations that have initiated their own local managed marine or terrestrial environment to keep up the good work and let us support each other and fight against other forms of extractive development in our customary lands, island and country as a whole.”

Another environmentalist Dr Patrick Pikacha, in congratulating Mr Boseto, has called on the government to support conservation effort by rural communities and passionate individuals who care about their environment.

Logging has been a major threat to both land and marine ecosystem in the Solomon Islands.

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