Fight against military base on the "Island of Peace"

Jeju, Korea

Fight against military base on the "Island of Peace"

Coral reefs and a rich and delicate biodiversity of flora and fauna is being destroyed by the construction of a South Korean naval base in the shadow of the world's largest nature conservation conference, say activists opposed to the base.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is holding its World Conservation Congress, held every four years, on the volcanic island of Jeju, situated off the southern coast of South Korea. But just seven kilometers from the gathering, which aims to reduce environmental degradation and protect endangered species, activists and some IUCN members say the Korean government is doing just the opposite: destroying habitat and protected species, including rare soft coral.

The village of Gangjeong is a community with great natural and cultural values ??that have been preserved over more than 400 years. But a new navy base is under construction which will be home to missile frigates and 80,000 marines.

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