Is the Caribbean a Climate Change Calamity?

Rural peoples speak out for food, land, and climate justice action by Pesticide Action Network Asia BHD at the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 at Expo City Dubai on December 6, 2023, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by COP28 / Mark Field)
TVJ News
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Is the Caribbean a Climate Change Calamity?

Is the Caribbean a climate change calamity?

It's the question being asked after the region, deemed high risk, continues to be bombarded with high interest rates from the climate fund. And what about preventative measures? Financing for mitigation and adaptation?

Jamaila Maitland has been searching for answers. Watch the video:

The story was produced as part of the COP28 Climate Change Media Partnership Reporting Fellowship co-organized by the Internews’ Earth Journalism Network and the Stanley Center for Peace and Security. It was first published in TVJ News on 2 December 2023.

Banner image: Rural peoples speak out for climate justice at COP28 on December 6, 2023, in Dubai / Credit: COP28 / Mark Field.

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