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Low-carbon economy: Business challenged to walk the talk
San Francisco

Low-carbon economy: Business challenged to walk the talk

JOHANNESBURG – The financial sector and big businesses need to invest more in the low-carbon economy to better fight the impacts of climate change.

That's the view of Shameela Soobramoney, senior manager of group strategy and sustainability at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

She spoke at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, where state and city leaders and businesses from around the world pledged more action toward cutting climate-altering carbon emissions. 

The challenge put to the financial sector and big industries was to step up and walk the talk of investing in climate-friendly projects.

“The financial sector firstly being the conduit of huge amounts of money that support and is the oil for the economy, has a huge role to play in understanding the risk potentially posed by climate change,” Soobramoney said. 

“Starting to change what we invest in, and hopefully, contributing to a lower carbon economy by what we choose to invest in… How well we understand the risks and opportunieties related to climate change will be a big role that the financial sector has to play."  

This story was supported by the 2018 Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP), a collaboration between Internews’ Earth Journalism Network and the Stanley Foundation.

Photo of Metro Manila by Judgefloro via Wikimedia Commons