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Momentum for Change: 2012 Lighthouse Activities
Doha, Qatar

Momentum for Change: 2012 Lighthouse Activities

As part of its Momentum for Change Initiative, the United Nations Climate Change secretariat has presenting the latest round of public-private “lighthouse activities” in developing countries which either help to curb greenhouse gas emissions or help people adapt to climate change, while at the same time benefit the urban poor.

Momentum for Change aims to strengthen motivation, spur innovation and catalyze further change towards a low-emission, high resilient future. The nine activities have been showcased at special events at the UN Climate Change Conference in Doha (4 dec). These activities fall under the Urban Poor pillar of Momentum for Change, which has been generously funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They consist of mitigation and adaptation activities that are a result of collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors and bring multiple benefits to the urban poor in developing countries

to get more information about The nine lighthouse activities, you can read the full article in arabic by the following link

Abeer Fouad - AL-Ahram Newspaper