Native American Traditions Inform California Wildfire Prevention

firefighers with Indigenous communities on a mountain top
California, United States

Native American Traditions Inform California Wildfire Prevention

With wildfires increasing in frequency and intensity, more people in California are looking towards traditional Native American practices and perspectives for living in harmony with natural elements. Indigenous tribes, lease holders, and fire fighters are coming together to steward the land with fire, setting intentional prescribed burns in order to promote healthy landscapes and reduce the devastation caused by wildfires across the state. 

Fighting Fire with Fire is a short film made by Cameron Nielsen.

This short film was produced as part of the Earth Journalism Scholars program, an ongoing collaboration between Internews' Earth Journalism Network and the University of California at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. It was originally broadcast on KQED on 7 September 2021. 

Banner image: Still image from Fighting Fire with Fire / Credit: Cameron Nielsen.

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