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scientists on Glasgow major bridge protesting against failed COP26

Scientists block Scotland bridge to protest ‘failed’ COP26 conference

Scientists on Saturday blocked the King George V bridge in Glasgow, Scotland, to protest the COP26 conference, describing it as a “failed conference.”

Pictures shared by Scientist Rebellion showed about 20 protesting scientists standing on the bridge and with a banner that read, “Climate revolution or we will lose everything”.

Charlie, a protester associate senior lecturer at Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, said the protest was against past failed conferences on climate change.

“This COP has failed, just like the previous 25 COPs have failed, and we cannot rely on our leaders to save us anymore,” the lecturer said.

The group said they would rather be arrested than vacate the bridge, however, as of 3:40 pm (local time) when Peoples Gazette got to the scene, dozens of Scotland Police had taken over the bridge.

A police spokesperson stated “Officers are engaging with the protesters,” and that the bridge was closed to pedestrians and vehicles.

The scientists’ protest comes amid those of over 10,000 people protesting across Glasgow, calling for world leaders to take action against climate crises.

About 197 leaders are gathered in Glasgow, Scotland, for the COP26 to discuss ways on how to mitigate, tackle the issue of climate crises and reduce global warming.

This story was published in Peoples Gazette on November 7, 2021. It was produced as part of the 2021 Climate Change Media Partnership, a journalism fellowship organized by Internews' Earth Journalism Network and the Stanley Center for Peace and Security.

Banner image: Protesting scientists block bridge in Glasgow / Credit: Scientist Rebellion.