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The 10 days gathering of IUCN World Congress Starts in Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii

The 10 days gathering of IUCN World Congress Starts in Hawaii

The world's largest conference on the conservation of nature and natural resources is currently taking place in Hawaii, USA. Known as the IUCN World Conservation Congress, the open ceremony of it's 25th gathering took place at the Neal Blasdell Centre on the theme of 'Planet at the crossroads'.


More than 9,500 participants from 192 countries gathered to discuss the correct utility of natural resources and the way to conserve ecosystem.

The ceremony began the morning of  September 1st with keynote speeches from political leaders including presidents, governors, senators, and MPs addressing an audience of scientists, NGO representatives, students, indigenous peoples and conservative communities from around the world.

During the opening ceremonies, Hawaii Governor David Ige said that, "Hawaii is often referred to as the endangered species capital of the world adding the major issue is due to the global climate change. However, it will be much easier if we all devote to protect our planet".

US secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell also said, "the world must move from random acts of kindness to strategic conservation and to come up with further measures to tackle the scourge of wildlife trafficking. The US is part of the problem and must be part of the solution".

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) was established on October 1948. Members of the congress already met 24 times before and the last conference was held at Jeju, Korea in 2012. The 25th conference holding presently at USA is the first time ever been held at the states and the 100 years anniversary of the national park service of the government.

The 10 days gathering congress is divided into two sessions. September 2-5 as forum/workshop and September 6-10 will be an assembly.

The IUCN Director of general, Anger Andersen said, "ambitions for this conference are very high and it is the largest environmental gathering ever adding to carry out a successful outcome on nature conservation and biodiversity.

Salai Sang Hnin Lian, editor of  the Chinland Post is participating in the IUCN conference as a media fellow from Earth Journalism Network.

Chin (Hakha) language;

Ni 10 Chung Tuah Dingmi IUCN World Congress An Tuah Cuahmah 

Oahu, Hawaii; Salai SH Lian|TCP 2016 September 2| Vawlei cung pawngkam zohkhenhnak le kilvennak kong he pehtlai in tuahmi lak ah a ngan bikmi tonpumhak (conference) cu USA ram Hawaii Tikulh ah an tuah cuahmah lio a si cang.

Atutan, Hawaii i Neal Blasdell Center ah tuahmi hunnak puai hi a voi 25nak International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) nih a tuahmi World Conservation Congress a voi 25 nak a si tiah kan theih.

Tukum an tlangtar cu, 'Planet at the crossroads' ti a si.

Vawlei cung ram zakip, Ram 192 in minung 9,500 leng tel in tuahmi nih a biapi bik in ceihkhan aa timhmi cu pawngkam zohkhenhnak kong a si. Vawleipi ah, pawngkam zohkhenh ning a hman lo ruang ah le ningcang lo in thil sining hman ruang ah Tlang saram in ti ngahring tiang an him ti lo. Culawng silo in, thilnung le thingram hme tete tiang a lo tlau an tam cangmi kong ah ceihkhan thannak ngeih dingah an rak phanhmi a si.

2016 September 1, sml. 12;30 am (Hawaii-Aleutian) ah, Conference hunnak tlamtling tein an tuah cang.

A telmi hna hi Cozah Riantuantu in President, Governor, Senator, MP tbk. an i tel lawng silo in, a cozah silomi bu chung in, NGO/INGOs Riantuantu, Scientists, Mino le Siangnakchia, Ramngeitu Kokek Miphun hna (Indigenous Peoples) tbk. le pawngkam zohkhenhnak kong he pehtlai in, riantuantu pawl tampi an i tel.

Tutan confererence hunnak biachimmi ah, Hawaii Cozah in Governor David Ige nih "Hawaii hi vawlei cung le tang in thilnung pawl an lohtlaunak hmunhma nganbik pakhat a si cang. Pawngkamh thil sining a thlen ruang le rang tuk in khuati aa thlen tuk ruangah hi bantuk in thilnung an lohtlau tuknak hi a si. Asinain, hi rian hi kan zapi in, kan tuanti ahcun a harmi a si lo" tiah a chim.

US cozah in, Interior Secretary Sarah Jewell nih, "minung nih rikhiahmi ramri leng in atu ah a cang cuahmahmi cu tupi chung ramsa pawl le rili tang thilnung hna kha duhpoh in tlaihkhih le zuarzamhnak a phunphun a um. Hi thil thalo buaibainak kong ah kanmah US zong kan i tel caah a thatnak a chuah khawhnak hnga ding zong kan i tel ding a si" tiah phungning lo in, saram tlaihkhih le zuarzamhnak kong ah a chim.

Cun, IUCN president Zhang Xinsheng nih, "tutan kan ceih dingmi kong ah tupichung ramsa tlaihkhih zuarzamhnak kong siseh, rili kilvennak kong siseh, pawngkamh le thil ningkel a sining tein khuati le nikhua ningcang lo in a thlengmi sersiam thannak kong ceihkhan a si lai. Hi congress nih a timhmi cu, zeitindah kan pawngkam hi minung caah um a nuammi a si khawh lai i, a hmunmi thanchonak tiang a chuahpimi a si khawh lai timi a si" tiah a chim.

IUCN hi 1948 ah an rak thawkmi pawngkam zohkhenh le kilvennak ah riantuanmi vawlei cung bu nganbik pakhat a si. Chungtel a simi ram hna nih a voi 24 an rak i tong cang. A donghnak bik an i tonnak hi Jeju, Korea ah 2012 ah a si. Tutan hi a voi 25nak a si i, USA nih a voikhatnak kum 68 chung ah an ram ah an tuah a si. Cun, US nih national park service an tuahmi kum 100 a tlin camtuak zong a si.

Ni 10 chung tuah dingmi Congress hi thenhnih ah then a si; September 2-5 hi Forum/Workshop a si lai i, September 6-10 tiang hi chungtel ram pawl in, ceihkhannak an ngeihmi Assembly a si lai. Hi chungtel assembly hi, IUCN i a sangbik nawlngeihnak a si bantukin vawleicung pawngkam zohkhenh le kilvennak kong ah ceikhannak a ngan bik Parliament a si tiah theih a si.

IUCN director general, Anger Andersen nih hi congress ah kan i timhmi hi a sang bak. Kan duhnak zong a ngan bak. Cucu kan i timhnak le kan i ruahchannak cu a tak in tuanchuah kan duh tiah Press Conference lio ah a chim.

Hi kong ah kan rak thanhchap than lengmang lai;

Hi IUCN World Conservation Congress ah Earth Journalism Network i Media Fellow pakhat sinak in The Chinland Post in Sang Hnin Lian cu a kai lio a si.