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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Green Report: In Fight Against Climate Change, What Can Cities Do?

In lieu of countries with conflicting interests, cities hold much promise in cutting down carbon emissions.

Cities are responsible for 75% of global emissions. The heart of economic activities and home to large populations, cities hold considerable power.

Any action in terms of shifting to renewable energy, cleaner transport, and greener jobs could make waves.

In this Green Report episode, environment editor Jee Geronimo and reporter Iya Gozum talk to Mark Watts, the executive director of C40 Cities, a global network of leading cities around the world working to combat climate change.

This story was produced as part of the 2023 Climate Change Media Partnership, a journalism fellowship organized by Internews' Earth Journalism Network and the Stanley Center for Peace and Security. It was first published in Rappler on 18 November 2023.

Banner image: The Green Report series logo / Credit: Rappler.