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sizzling lionfish

The Pesky Lionfish: Still Roaring in Belize’s Waters

The last time there was a news report on the lionfish invasion in Belize was in February of 2019. But what has happened in the four years plus since? Did the Covid pandemic affect the efforts to bring the invasion under control? Where does Belize currently stand in 2023, almost 15 years since the pesky invader was first officially recorded in Belize’s waters? The following is an extended news feature produced by Marisol Amaya for Belize's KREM TV.

This TV feature was produced with support from Internews' Earth Journalism Network. It was first broadcast by KREM TV on July 12, 2023.

Banner image: Sizzling lionfish on offer at a restaurant in Belize / Credit: Marisol Amaya/KREM TV.