Traditional beliefs help protect Kenya’s Kaya Kauma forest

Kaya Kauma forest
Kilifi, Kenya

Traditional beliefs help protect Kenya’s Kaya Kauma forest

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In Kilifi County, along the coast of Kenya, the Kauma community is using its culture to conserve and protect the Kaya Forest, a sacred site of the Mijikenda people that is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its adherence to cultural traditions.

The Kauma community here still practices its traditional beliefs, which are key to the conservation of the forest and its wildlife. With the earth’s temperature rising, these forests are also vital to controlling carbon emissions that lead to global warming. Faiz Musa has this report in Swahili.

This story was first published on DW on 6 Dec. 2019. It was produced following a workshop on wildlife trafficking and conservation as part of the Earth Journalism Network's East Africa Wildlife Journalism program.

Banner image: The Kaya Kauma forest in Kilifi County along the coast of Kenya is managed according to the Kauma community's cultural traditions. It is one of nine forests in kenya which are under now UNESCO world heritage protection / Credit: Faiz Musa


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