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Warnings of Low Nile River Water Level in the Coming Years
Doha, Qatar

Warnings of Low Nile River Water Level in the Coming Years

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Climate change issues aren't limited to the science of climate change, energy, water and agriculture issues. Actually, the first and last word on the subject remain firmly in the realm of global policy and economy. This is the the clear result of the 18th United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Doha. After 13 days of intense negotiations, countries agreed to extend the Kyoto Protocol for the second commitment period as the only existing agreement binding to cut greenhouse gases and environmental pollution. There is hope that this will be a step between the Kyoto Protocol and a new international legislative text to be approved after three years and enters into force in 2020.

On the other hand, climate discussions have entered a new period with mainstream voices calling for the rescue humanity from destruction. This is not a matter of intimidation and exaggeration. As mentioned in a report prepared by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and climatic analyzes, warning the world leaders that the planet may reach a average temperature of 4 degrees Celsius higher than the baseline.

And for the Arab countries that have already begun experiancing the negative effects of climate changes, there are 50 million people effected during the past three decades due to extreme climatic phenomena.