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One man on a boat and other in the seawater.

Why Are There Fewer Fish in the Sea?

You may remember the fish you ate for Good Friday—fried, steamed, or baked—but do you remember how much you paid for it? Maybe you remember thinking it was an exorbitant price.

Well, if you ask the fishers, they’ll say they have to increase their prices because fish is “scarce” and they have to go into deeper water, using more fuel, which is already at an all time high. 

But where did the fish go? Are the reefs being overfished? Are illegal fishers to blame? 

Courtney Menzies takes an in-depth look at why fish is hard to find these days.

This TV feature was produced with support from Internews' Earth Journalism Network. It was first broadcast by 7 News Belize on August 30, 2023.  

Banner image: Fishers in Belize have to go farther and deeper in search of fish / Credit: 7 News Belize.