Wildlife and COVID-19: What the public can do

Experts who have been studying the link between wildlife and the Covid-19 pandemic have identified human greed as the culprit.

Zoonotic diseases, those that spread from animals to humans, occur in part due to human-wildlife interactions and the consumption of wild meat. The more frequent those interactons, the more likely we are to see an increase in the spread of diseases like Covid-19, say researchers. To stop the risk of future pandemics, the Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources has stepped-up efforts to curb wildlife trafficking, the fourth most lucrative illegal business in the world after drugs, human trafficking and arms smuggling.

As Covid-19 continues to rampage across the globe, here’s what the public should know and tips on what it can do in response.

This is the last of three videos from VERA Files that looks to explain and debunk misinformation about Covid-19 and its links to the environment. Watch Part 1 and Part 2


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