Climate-Driven Migration: Reporting on the Global Crisis Displacing Coastal Communities

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Climate-Driven Migration: Reporting on the Global Crisis Displacing Coastal Communities

Around the world, communities facing the impacts of climate change have been displaced from their homes or forced to migrate due to extreme weather changes, rising sea levels and threatened food security. 20 million people per year on average have been displaced by extreme weather events since 2008, and 140 million people from Africa, South Asia and Latin America are expected to move within their country’s borders by 2050.

In many parts of the world, particularly in coastal areas, this threat is already a reality. How can journalists interested in covering climate migration hold their governments accountable and investigate whether policymakers’ proposed solutions are equitable, scalable, sustainable and replicable? This webinar explored how the media can tell nuanced, in-depth stories about coastal climate refugees and migration. Global and regional experts on migration and climate change joined us to share the latest research and potential solutions.


  • Manuel Marques Pereira — Head of Division for Migration, Environment, Climate Change and Risk Reduction at the International Organization on Migration
  • Ritu Bharadwaj — Principal Researcher, Climate Group at the International Institute for Environment and Development (email)
  • Liz Russell — Louisiana State Director at the Environmental Defense Fund (email


  • Lucienne Noel — EJN Coastal Resilience Thematic Expert

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