Ending IUU Fishing and Harmful Fisheries Subsidies in Japan


Ending IUU Fishing and Harmful Fisheries Subsidies in Japan

Experts say concrete action is required to create change and support the goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14, Life Below Water, which focuses on the world's oceans.

At this event, held on July 15, 2021, speakers focused on SDG14's 14.4 and 14.6 elements, which focus on ending Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing and removing harmful fisheries subsidies. The webinar brought together stakeholders from across Japan, to enhance understanding of the current situation, challenges, and future prospects for promoting a sustainable fishery and seafood sector.

The seminar is intended to address the elimination of IUU fishing, potential measures to prevent IUU-caught seafood from entering the market and the ways fisheries subsidies play into that story. Speakers discuss both efforts within Japan and internationally.

This seminar was hosted by the Environmental Partnership Council, an EJN partner in Japan.

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