How Can Our Energy Systems Lead Us To Climate Justice? A Webinar for Journalists on Just Transition

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How Can Our Energy Systems Lead Us To Climate Justice? A Webinar for Journalists on Just Transition

After the economic upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments, activists and academia worldwide advocated for stimulus packages that would create sustainable development opportunities while revitalizing the economy. These proposals often included steps to decarbonize our energy systems, away from traditional fossil fuels to greener resources like solar and wind energy.

This transformative re-shaping of our global energy landscape will change a lot about our societies and our lives. There has been a call to ensure it is a Just Transition, which means taking actions that are fair and inclusive of everyone. But how can this become a reality?

Join us to delve into the Just Transition from an intersectional standpoint, spotlighting the perspectives of youth, women, Indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups. Where do they sit within the green recovery, and how can journalists adequately cover issues of equity and justice in this context? Speakers drew on their personal experiences and expertise about Just Transition policies and initiatives — or lack thereof — as well as discussed unique challenges, underreported topics and solutions for a fairer future.


  • Vicky Aridi—Program Manager, YEO 2030 at Making Cents (email)
  • Joan Carling—Executive Director at Indigenous Peoples Rights International (email)
  • May Thazin Aung—Researcher in Climate Change at the International Institute for Environment and Development (email)


  • Jenny Davies—Program Associate at Internews' Earth Journalism Network

Please click on the speakers' names to download their presentations. 

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