Renewable energy in Tamil Nadu

Solar panel farm in Tamil Nadu
Renewable energy in Tamil Nadu

The prospects, the problems and some ways to overcome them.

In this webinar on December 4, 2020, we discuss the state of renewable energy development in Tamil Nadu with experts from across the energy spectrum. We also take questions from attendees and talk about story ideas journalists can cover.

Organized by Internews’ Earth Journalism Network and India Climate Dialogue.

Guest speakers

  • P.R. Muralidharan - Chief Consultant, Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency
  • Bharat Jairaj - Executive Director, Energy Program, World Resources Institute, India
  • D.V. Giri - Secretary-General, India Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association
  • Vandana Gombar - Editor, Global Policy, Bloomberg NEF


Moderated by Joydeep Gupta, Project Director, Internews' Earth Journalism Network

Banner image: A solar farm in Vellakoil, Tamil Nadu / Credit: Vinaykumar8687 via Creative Commons.

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