Urban Resilience in the Age of Climate Change: A Webinar for Journalists

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Urban Resilience in the Age of Climate Change: A Webinar for Journalists

Cities are home to more than 50% of the world's population today, according to the OECD, and it's projected that number will rise to 70% by 2050.

Urban areas also represent two sides of climate crisis: Without the right policies, they can worsen its effects through poor air and water quality, land use practices or waste management, but they are also incredibly vulnerable to extreme weather events, flooding and other serious climate impacts.

In this webinar directed at journalists, urban resilience experts discussed the challenges and opportunities to build safe, sustainable and livable cities as climate change's effects become more and more pronounced around the world.


  • Dr. Kristina Hill — Director of the Institute of Urban and Regional Development and Associate Professor at the University of California, Berkeley (email)
  • Dr. Furqan Asif —Postdoctoral Researcher at Wageningen University's Environmental Policy Group; member of the Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership (email)



  • Lucienne Noel — Coastal Resilience Thematic Expert at the Earth Journalism Network

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