What Is The “Green Recovery”?: A Webinar for Journalists on Climate Action in the Wake of Covid-19

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What Is The “Green Recovery”?: A Webinar for Journalists on Climate Action in the Wake of Covid-19

With economies across the globe in recession as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, government stimulus plans worth trillions of dollars were announced to revive economic prospects and boost business and job opportunities. Some economists, government leaders and energy think tanks have called this an opportunity for a “green recovery”, a win-win situation which will reinvigorate the economy while working towards a greener, carbon-neutral future.

The World Economic Forum documented a collective $14 trillion pledged by the world’s 50 largest economies to help their countries recover from the impact of the pandemic. Despite this unprecedented opportunity to curb CO2 emissions and fund equitable and sustainable solutions to the climate crisis, less than one-fifth of committed spending is going toward green initiatives. What could a Covid-19 recovery look like if benefits to both people and planet were prioritised?

Join EJN for this webinar on the heels of COP26, to learn more about the basis for a green recovery, the countries doing it well (and not so well) and how journalists can best cover this timely and important issue in their home countries. To support further reporting on this topic, we will be announcing a new grant for journalists to write stories on green recovery.

This project is made possible with support from Svenska Postkodstiftelsen (The Swedish Postcode Lottery).



  • Laura Cole: Environmental journalist


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