Where are the Women? Advancing Gender Equality in the Media

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Where are the Women? Advancing Gender Equality in the Media

On International Women’s Day, EJN hosted a timely discussion on the many barriers reporters face when including women’s voices in their stories and what they can do to advance gender equality in the media.

The discussion centered on the findings of EJN's gender report, "Where are the Women?", which presents a dozen recommendations for how EJN and other organizations can support journalists in making their work more gender balanced.

The findings expand upon a pilot study EJN conducted as part of Reflect Reality, a methodology Internews launched in 2019 to increase women’s visibility in the news media.

 Overall, the report reiterates that more work needs to be done to advance gender equality in the media. Download the full report.


  • Sara Schonhardt—former Managing Editor, EJN; international climate reporter, E&E News
  • Amar Guriro—EJN grantee, freelance journalist in Pakistan
  • Okky Madasari—researcher for EJN's gender report, journalist and author in Indonesia


  • Stella Paul—EJN's Environment and Health Project Officer


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