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Achieving transformative impact by investing in environmental journalism.

Accurate information about climate change and the environment is now more important than ever, but the media faces challenges in covering these topics well. News deserts are expanding, as are threats to journalists’ safety and freedom of expression. Budgets are shrinking, leaving reporters with limited capacity to specialize and stay on the story. That’s where EJN comes in. 

man wearing a bag standing in front of a large tree, holding a notebook as if he is taking notes about the tree

Man taking notes at a tree

This century, every story is a climate story.

EJN is here to ensure that media everywhere know how to tell it.
We provide journalists with training, mentoring, story grants and fellowships that build their skills in environmental journalism and ensure the publication of rigorous and locally relevant reporting. We also support media organizations with grants, establish networks of environmental journalists in countries where they don’t exist, develop innovative online environmental news sites and fund the production of collaborative investigative reports.

"Without EJN support, I could not have become such a widely read climate journalist in my country.” 
— Rina Saeed Khan, Pakistani journalist and Climate Change Media Partnership Fellow (2009)

We are now a truly global network working with reporters and media outlets in virtually every region of the world.

For 20 years, we've supported coverage from the frontlines of the climate and environmental crises.

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