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4 Media Organizations from Asia-Pacific Selected for EJN Grants

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The world is living through multiple and compounding crises of conflict, nature and biodiversity loss and climate change. Global disasters are so severe that UN Secretary-General António Guterres stated we are at a “crossroads” between “breakdown or breakthrough." 

At this crossroads, when climate and environmental news coverage is more crucial than ever, media organizations are grappling with selective news avoidance and declining interest in news, particularly among younger age groups. 

To address these issues, Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN) has selected four organizations from Indonesia, India, Mongolia and the Philippines to support innovative media coverage that combats news fatigue and promotes greater public engagement in environmental and climate issues. 

The four media grantees are:

  • PT Media Lintas Inti Nusantara (KBR), Indonesia: A multimedia news company focusing on political, social and human rights, and inclusive issues. They provide radio programs to 300 local radio stations and have produced nearly 100 podcast shows, including the critically acclaimed investigative series Disclose. With EJN support, they will continue their innovative media coverage with a four-episode series about cooking and the climate crisis, which will bring together a chef host and guests to cook recipes and discuss the connections between food diversity and climate change. The project will include social media outreach and a microsite with the podcast, recipes and other content made available. 
  • In Old News LLC, India: A media organization that supports journalists through stories and trainings on mobile journalism, AI tools, reporting on environmental issues, data journalism and more. With EJN support, they will build a library of free, Creative Commons footage on the causes, impacts and solutions of climate change in the Asia-Pacific region, to address a lack of diversity in climate coverage and make content accessible to local newsrooms. They will commission journalists in 10 different Asia-Pacific countries to produce hundreds of videos and will compile a guide for newsrooms to locate open-access climate visuals. 
  • Breathe Mongolia, Mongolia: A non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating Mongolia's air pollution crisis by providing resources, trainings and programs to individuals and organizations. This includes a digital platform that offers comprehensive coverage of air pollution issues and air quality data collection. As part of this project, they will train 20 journalists in Mongolia on producing robust and impactful coverage of environmental issues with a focus on air pollution and climate change. Fellows will participate in four hybrid workshops and informational sessions with leading experts and produce stories for their respective outlets. 
  • GMA Integrated News, Philippines: A media network whose Digital Strategy and Innovation Lab explores video and audio production and collaborates with external partners. Their award-winning documentary program DigiDokyu, formerly Stand for Truth, includes a series focused on environmental heroes and communities in the Philippines. With EJN funding, the outlet will produce a new climate series that includes explainer videos breaking down complex climate and environmental topics into accessible stories, and digital documentaries that highlight diverse voices and solutions to the climate crisis.

Grants each range between $5,000 and $15,000 for projects that will be implemented over six months. As part of EJN’s support to the grantees, organizations will also undertake a participatory Organizational Capacity Assessment, which may lead to additional EJN trainings or assistance in financial management, gender equality and social inclusion policy and practices, digital security, and other capacity-building activities. 

The organizations will also be invited to attend a virtual Training of Trainers workshop, which offers relevant knowledge and skills and the opportunity to network with the other grantee organizations and EJN staff. 

“We are excited to support these four partners in developing creative approaches to inform and engage the public on climate change and air pollution issues,” said Amy Sim, Internews Asia-Pacific Regional Program Manager (Environment).

The grants are awarded as part of the latest round of EJN’s Asia-Pacific project, which is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). 

Banner Image: Hydroponic plants; resident Tanti Yudiana grows her own food at home in Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia / Credit: Aji Styawan for Climate Visuals.