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Bay of Bengal Climate Resiliency Initiative
South Asia

Bay of Bengal Climate Resiliency Initiative

This three-year project focuses on boosting climate justice and resilience in the Bay of Bengal through support from the Climate Justice Resilience Fund. Over the course of the project, EJN is working with journalists, educators and civil society organizations to produce and distribute reliable, actionable information to vulnerable coastal communities in the Bay of Bengal region spanning India and Bangladesh.

The project began by analyzing the information ecosystem in the region to determine how communities receive news and information. Led by the Centre for Media Studies in New Delhi, the goal of this initial research was to improve our understanding of the conditions that affect information flows through communities and how, if at all, information is used to spur action on issues of water access, food security and sovereignty, sustainable livelihoods and migration. The assessment placed particular emphasis on learning about the experience of women, youth and marginalized communities -- groups that often face significantly greater barriers to accessing information while simultaneously facing a complex set of socio-environmental challenges that limit their capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change. 

With nearly 15 years of experience supporting environmental journalists and media networks in Asia, EJN sees this project deepening our commitment to the region by strengthening existing ties and forging new partnerships with people and organizations committed to building climate resiliency in India and Bangladesh. In addition to holding focus groups with local communities to identify information needs and gaps, EJN is hosting several yearly trainings on environmental issues of most interest and relevance to those areas and providing yearly organizational and reporting grants. You can read some of the stories we've supported through our grants below.