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Climate Change Media Partnership

Climate Change Media Partnership

The Climate Change Media Partnership program provides journalists increased understanding of and ability to cover climate issues. The fellows participating in our programs, who would otherwise simply not be able to travel to these global gatherings, receive unparalleled access to discussions and related events. This access enables a stream of news stories with relevant scientific and policy information to reach audiences across the global South. Without this, these audiences would hear very little about the negotiations or would only receive information from Western news agencies.

Since 2007, the CCMP has been organizing fellowships for developing country journalists to UNFCCC and other major events. The CCMP aims to improve media coverage of climate change, and therefore increase public engagement in the issue with a focus on developing countries and especially in critically affected regions. All former CCMP fellows remain on an email-based discussion group and continue to share information and discuss their work with each other and the CCMP staff. Through our systems of online networking, CCMP fellows share relevant news and resources for climate change journalists; discuss challenges the journalists face; and continuously build capacity by informing colleagues through collaborative learning.

By taking a networked approach the CCMP has a long-lasting legacy, unlike most other media training workshops and activities. Creating networks of climate change journalists who work in a leadership role with their local colleagues and citizen audiences is a clear and practical way to sustain the capacity building of CCMP’s fellowship programs and an activity we seek to build upon in future phases of the project.

Evaluation Report:  CCMP Social Network Analysis