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Earth Journalism Network Asia-Pacific Project

The Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Asia-Pacific project aims to boost the quantity and quality of environmental coverage in the region, which in turn contributes to increasing the capacity among local and regional actors to promote greater accountability and sustainable development in relation to the environment and climate in Asia and the Pacific. Building on EJN’s past work and extensive network in Asia, the project will strengthen the capacity of individual reporters, media outlets and journalism networks to cover environment and natural resource management issues; disseminate news and information to the most vulnerable communities; and amplify the voices of women and marginalized groups who are most at risk.

The multiyear project, now in its second phase, provides a suite of activities and approaches that include training programs, fellowships for journalists to participate in global environmental conferences such as the UNFCCC Climate COP, organizational and story grants, story stipends, development of local and regional GeoJournalism websites that combine stories and data visualization tools to present environmental information, and support for regional content coordinators who will enhance socio-environmental coverage and build local expertise to do so in the long-term.  

These activities are expected to result in increased access to environmental news and information, improved environmental content, greater inclusion of women and marginalized groups, and more engagement both amongst journalists and between them and other stakeholders. More broadly, EJN Asia-Pacific will enable the media to connect vulnerable communities through the exchange of news, data and solutions regarding environmental challenges facing the region. 

This project is implemented with the generous support of Sweden through the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). Responsibility for the content rests entirely with the creator. Sida does not necessarily share the views expressed.