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InfoNile seeks to bridge the gap between scientists and researchers collecting data on water issues in the Nile region with journalists reporting on such issues and members of the public. In doing so, it aims to increase mutual awareness and understanding of the various challenges facing this ancient and vital river system.

The world’s longest river, the Nile winds through 11 countries in Africa and is crucial to many of their economies, politics and wellbeing. The river is also a global biodiversity hotspot and the backbone to many of Africa’s fragile ecosystems.

It is currently under new and evolving threats from climate change, population and economic growth, transboundary hydro-politics, and the building of large-scale dams that threaten to reduce water availability for countries that depend on the Nile’s waters – just to name a few.

InfoNile aggregates stories from citizen, local and international journalists reporting on the various dimensions of water issues in the Nile Basin. Those range from the environmental and sociocultural to the economic and political. Its major content partner is Water Journalists Africa, a network of about 700 journalists who report on water across some 50 African countries. InfoNile also commissions in-depth special projects from journalists working to better cover water issues in the region.

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