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Geojournalism Partners

EJN is a pioneer of geojournalism — a growing field at the intersection of environmental and data journalism, combining maps and data with traditional reporting.

We’ve supported the creation of 10 regional environmental news platforms spanning the Mekong, Amazon, Nile watersheds and more. Local journalists producing stories for these partner websites are encouraged to use spatial data visualizations, mapping, geotagging and infographics to offer a more compelling picture of transboundary environmental challenges.

Mekong Eye

Environmental news, analysis and opinion from the Mekong region.
MK banner image
Read more about Mekong Eye


An interactive media outlet that uses maps, data, and geo-localized reports to tell stories about the endangered Amazon region.
Amazon river map
Read more about InfoAmazonia

The Third Pole

A multilingual platform (now a special project of Dialogue Earth) that promotes discussion and information on transboundary water issues across the Himalayan watershed.
Rakchaas Taal (Demon Lake) south of Kailash
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Pasifika Environews

A platform that supports and aggregates environmental stories and data from across the Pacific Islands.
Trees in a mangrove area
Read more about Pasifika Environews


A media outlet that uses traditional investigative journalism and geomapping to expose eco-offenses and track organized criminal syndicates in Africa.
WildEye investigative project map
Read more about Oxpeckers


A geojournalism website that publishes stories and data visualizations related to under-reported environmental challenges in Indonesia.
Ekuatorial banner photo
Read more about Ekuatorial


A regional news platform with a mission to uncover critical stories on water issues in the Nile River Basin through data-based multimedia storytelling.
InfoNile banner photo
Read more about InfoNile


A news platform that uses data and interactive maps to capture ongoing positive and negative changes in the Congo Basin.
Forest in the Congo basin
Read more about InfoCongo

Mongabay EnviroNews Philippines

Conservation news and information from the Philippines.
Batanes Islands in the Philippines
Read more about Mongabay EnviroNews Philippines

Citizen Science & Sensors

A project that enables journalists and communicators to use sensors to obtain and report on data about air pollution and other environmental indicators.
Air quality sensor connected to a computer
Read more about Citizen Science & Sensors